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Industry leaders in content and commerce are joining forces to create optimized customer experiences for global clients. Blue Acorn iCi, a data-driven, strategic consultancy, is launching in response to growing strategic needs from digital customers and the obstacles brands face in creating cohesive customer experiences. Blue Acorn iCi brings over a decade of unparalleled expertise and delivers successful solutions to global companies at the intersection of strategy, data science, development, and digital experience.

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Fast and Free Shipping

Ten years ago, 14 days was the expected delivery time, then it shortened to 10 days, then 5-7 days, 3-4 days, and so on. Today, most customers expect free two-day shipping. Amazon, Walmart, and Target largely shaped consumer delivery expectations. Unlike most brands, these retailers have vast delivery resources that allow them to offer customers fast delivery at a minimal cost. As a result, it’s near impossible to compete with retailers on delivery speed; however, there are other features brands can optimize to beat out the Amazons of the world.

Brand Digital Commerce

Traditionally, CPG companies relied on brick-and-mortar retailers to sell their products. These companies have been slow to adapt to the digital world, focusing more on global growth. For example, Coca-Cola has over 100 flavors of its product to cater to the local markets. That said, if CPG brands want to continue to grow, resources need to shift from growing globally to creating or optimizing a brand digital commerce experience. Online sales are relatively small for CPG brands, but it’s expected that by 2025 it will grow to 25 percent.

Get insights like…
  • Why Amazon isn’t the end-all-be-all for selling products and which avenues to consider to compete with the online marketplace
  • Which delivery trends are worth investing in (speed isn’t always the answer)
  • How to create a delivery strategy to align with your customers’ needs and where to start if you don’t have customer data
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