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NEW YORK, October 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ BrandShop (, the leading digital commerce solutions provider, today released its second annual survey on the preferences and habits of digital consumers. Last month, BrandShop conducted a statistically valid U.S. survey to explore the gap between consumer expectations and the current state of online shopping. The results gathered from BrandShop’s 2016 Digital Consumer Preferences Survey further reinforces the significance of direct-to-consumer (DTC) e-commerce for brands, and touches on topics that include: the most frequented online shopping destinations, overall satisfaction with direct and indirect channels, the defining characteristics that drive shoppers away, and more.

“Considering that brand-owned channels are the best destinations for consumers to fully experience a brand and its products, it wasn’t surprising to find that people want to shop and transact directly with brands,” said Reuben S. Hendell, CEO of BrandShop. “It’s clear that brands who continue to underinvest in DTC initiatives will miss out on the immense opportunity to deliver on the needs and desires of today’s consumers.”

According to the survey:

  • 85% of consumers visit a brand’s website to shop, and 81% expect to be able to make a purchase directly from the brand
  • 95% of consumers believe it’s important to research a product before purchase; 52% of online shopping starts on a search engine like Google
  • Only 36% of consumers start their online shopping on Amazon, but an overwhelming 81% make frequent purchases there
  • DTC sales make up less than a third of all sales yet 44% of consumers hold the brand accountable for any shortcomings with the product
  • 65% of consumers find shopping online with retailers to be highly satisfying, but only 39% feel the same way about shopping directly with brands
  • 59% of consumers use a smartphone while shopping in-store (eg: to compare prices and research products)

While DTC customer satisfaction improved from 2015, one key question still looms: are brands making it too difficult for customers to shop?

What remains clear is the fact that brands must have a strong online presence on both desktop and mobile platforms, and they must be able to manage and optimize their search engine rankings where most shoppers start their journey. Furthermore, the report provides valuable insight on how brands can better engage with digital shoppers to meet the expectations of eager consumers and improve both sales and overall satisfaction.

Other key takeaways include:

  • Brand websites must serve as an efficient and fully-stocked e-commerce channel
  • Engaging with customers online is no longer enough; brands must also enable transactions
  • With blurred lines between in-store and online shopping experiences, mobile-optimized experiences are now critical for brands

“For many years, brands have served as idealized marketing machines detached from the sales aspect of their businesses. However, BrandShop’s survey sheds light on the benefits of nurturing the bond between brand marketing and digital commerce to provide the best possible customer experience,” said Roger Gravitte, COO of The Emerson Group. “Enabling more user-friendly and efficient transaction capabilities increase brand awareness and strengthens customer loyalty, therefore benefiting retail partners and customers alike.”

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BrandShop is the leading provider of branded digital commerce solutions for Fortune 1000 companies. Powering the growth of direct-to-consumer Brand Marketplaces, BrandShop fuses technology, design and logistics services to streamline the way products are discovered and purchased. Co-founded by Brian F. Martin and Reuben S. Hendell, BrandShop works with more than 70 clients including Casio, Coca-Cola, Cuisinart, Ping, Jaguar, Georgia-Pacific, Land Rover, Hershey’s, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day and Waterpik.

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